So you’ve just experienced the blissful relaxed state that only Reiki can provide. Now what….

After our session I will speak to you about my experience giving you Reiki and let you know what areas (or Chakra points) came up as different or stood out during the session. You will also let me know how you felt during the session and if there was anything that emerged for you physically or emotionally during our time together.

I find that the quick reference chart below can help you continue to nurture or pay attention to particular energy areas that are needing a little more focus in order to continue your progress and healing off the table.

Thanks to Modern Monk Life for designing it…

Please ensure you drink plenty of water after your session to continue to flush anything that is not serving you out of your body. This can help with the very occasionally experienced post-reiki headache or body ache that accompany big energy shifts. More water in = more yucky out…easy peasy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or insight you have after your treatment.

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